About Us






Our company started manufacturing rainwear in 1957 under the brand “VARSHA” catering to customers from all over the country and the Indian sub-continent. It has been over 6 decades and our experience in rainwear manufacturing is unmatched. “VARSHA” rainwear products never fail to amaze our customers and suppliers due to our constant research into new and upcoming trends and the latest technology in the manufacturing process. We have held a formidable position in the market due to our high quality products and we are masters in fusing great quality with extremely reasonable rates.


Our brand “VARSHA” is widely recognized and VARSHA raincoats for all age groups are available throughout the country at all leading wholesalers and retailers. We have recently started anew brand by the name of "FALCON" for premium rainwear products.





All our products are made from imported raw material and accessories. We take utmost care to ensure that every aspect of our product is flawless through our quality control system and constant inspection at our factory.

We have more than 300 varieties of rainwear products and over 100 varieties of windcheaters for every age and every size.


All our products are made from imported machines with the latest technology and using the latest methods right from making to packing the finished raincoat.


We are one of the fastest growing rainwear companies in India and also the most innovative rainwear company in the country.


It is due to our top quality and long lasting products, that VARSHA Rainwear is a household name and the leading rainwear brand in the state with the maximum rainfall, Kerala.